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Almost every niche addict I know has the same goal in mind. Create an empire of niche sites to replace your day-job income. Maybe you want to create passive income so that you can travel the world like Tim Ferris lays out in the Four Hour Work Week.

What if I told you that you could hire capable virtual assistants for $2-4 USD/HR or have articles written for as little as $8/1000 words?

It is easier than you may think, keep reading and I’ll give you my secrets to hiring Filipino VA’s thru

What is Holding Back Your Success?

If I asked you “what is holding you back?”, I bet most of you would say “if I just had enough time”.

That’s exactly what I said as well.

Listen, I probably have 10x more ideas for my niche sites than I have time to implement myself. My Trello list called “Idea Backlog” could keep me busy for over a year.

I realized that if I ever want my portfolio of sites to grow to “income replacement” levels, then I needed to clone myself. Like, 10x more of me.

You see, I am the bottleneck in my own empire. I know what strategies and tasks need to get done to improve rankings and revenue. I just can’t do it all myself!

I listed out the tasks that I enjoy and those that I don’t. Here they were:

Tasks I Enjoy

  • Brainstorming ideas for new sites
  • Long keyword research sessions with KWFinder
  • Setting up new sites and developing the look and feel
  • Developing link building campaigns

Tasks I Don’t Enjoy

  • Writing about subjects I’m not passionate about
  • Formatting posts and finding pictures
  • Link building outreach & execution
Build Your Empire with Filipino VA's and Writers from 1

“I did everything myself as a beginner until I could afford to outsource it or until I had too much to do and not enough time”

Dom Wells

What Tasks Can You Outsource and When?

If you are trying to create passive income, then you need to outsource by definition. However, if you are bootstrapping your first site, then I suggest you perform all the work yourself.

Once your portfolio is growing, you must remove yourself as the bottleneck.

Here is a list of tasks that easily can be outsourced to a virtual assistant:

  • Content writing
  • Formatting and Publishing Blog Posts
  • Optimize on-page SEO using RankMath
  • Review your sites for internal linking opportunities
  • Add affiliate links to your posts
  • Research new affiliate product opportunities
  • Do competitor research
  • Link-building outreach campaigns
  • Create Pinterest pins using Canva
  • Manage and promote your Pinterest presence
  • Create and manage social media profiles

This is only an example list, you will find all sorts of ideas for your VA to perform.

What is is a website that helps connect Filipino virtual assistants to employers across the globe.

It was founded by John Jonas back in 2008 after he discovered how talented and affordable Filipino VA’s can be.

Filipino culture is very conducive to creating valuable employees. English is widely spoken and Filipinos generally have a good understanding of western culture. They are also fiercely loyal.

I know that when I hire a VA, the last thing I want to do is constantly edit their English, or replace them when they quit.

I’ve hired lots of VA’s, on various platforms, but I keep coming back to for most of my needs.

Here is founder John Jonas talking about outsourcing vs Upwork – Are They Similar? is similar to in some ways, but very different in other ways. vs. Upwork – Similarities

  • Both are platforms to find and hire virtual assistants and freelancers vs. Upwork – Differences

  • specializes on workers from the Philippines where Upwork is more global
  • Upwork is a “middle man”, they take a percent cut from the freelancer
  • simply connects the two of you and you work out payment on your own. I prefer to use Payoneer. – My Personal Experience

I’ve hired a handful of VA’s via, here are my personal experiences.

  • I have a great general VA that works about 20 hours per week at $2 per hour
  • I have 3 content writers that write between 2000-6000 words per week part-time as well

I pay my US-Based writers about $20-25 per 1000 words. I’ve found some of those writers on Upwork, and other various freelancer platforms.

I pay my Filipino writers about $8-10 per 1000 words, and the quality is about 90% as good! That is a trade-off I will make 100% of the time.

How Does work?

The biggest difference between and the multitude of other freelance sites out there is the concept of “direct hire”

On most other platforms, the transaction is all handled within the confines of the website. This also means that they take a hefty cut of the price.

Did you know that marketplace sites like Upwork and Freelancer take up to 20% from the worker?

This system leads to artificially higher prices and is why the direct hire concept is much better. simply connects you and your new hire. It is then up to the two of you to determine employment terms and payment.

How To Make The Best Hires From

If you are new to hiring directly, I can see how this process could be a bit intimidating. I’ll share with you my best secrets on how to make a good hire.

When you write a good job description and post a competitive wage, you can expect to get lots of applicants.

**maybe do a video here of me posting a job?””

How To Filter The Responses To Find The Best Talent

  • Within your job description, I recommend inserting something like this – “Please include the word Pineapple in the subject line of your response” This is a simple way to filter out anyone is bulk-applying for jobs without even reading the job description. You can likely remove 50% of the candidate pool simply by using this secret.

how it works

example of what ross did for $2/hr

embed one of their videos

compare to upwork (maybe vs keyword?) - Filipino VA's & Writers
Finding and using was a turning point in my niche journey. Hiring real quality VA's and Writers for stupid low costs blew my mind. The English of the writers is very good, and the VA's I've hired have been top-notch. So much more work gets done on my portfolio now.
If you click this link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

show sample of writing for .008

maybe share google form application

hiring process

-keys to writing job description / do’s don’ts

-get lotss of replies / how to sort thru

-reply to good ones telling them to go to form

-no skype calls – link to side hustle show episode

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