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Hey there, I’m Jon and I’m an addict.

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What does it mean to be a Niche Addict?

  • You eat/sleep/breathe niche websites
  • You are just starting your first site and it is all you do
  • When asked “how many websites do you have?” you use your fingers and count out loud to answer
  • Your F5 key is worn down from refreshing your affiliate dashboard checking your sales

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My Story – Who the heck am I?

I’m a recovering tech geek. I’ve got a tech background and I’ve enjoyed dabbling in everything from hard-core coding – to home automation – to enterprise IT over the years.

One day, a dentist bill (the big @$$ kind) showed up at my house and I was so frustrated at how income comes in, then flows right back out. It never seemed to accumulate.

Right then and there, I said to myself – You are 10x smarter than most of these clowns making money online as a side-hustle, why aren’t you doing it?

Three days later, I had a 10-page niche blog up and running, and within 10 days had made my first affiliate sale and commission.

I was hooked.

Now, I run a handful of content websites as a side-hustle and I’m addicted to it! I love creating online assets that make me money while I sleep or spend time with my family.

My Best Stuff – Let me show you around…

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If you are like most niche addicts…

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